Mechanical engineering maintenance services of facilities in the pharmaceutical, food-processing and chemical industry.

About us

The company TEHNO IMPRESS d.o.o. offers full mechanical engineering maintenance services of facilities in the pharmaceutical, food-processing and chemical industry. Possible contracting for the maintenance of the whole facility, fabrication of machine parts according to the sample or design, as well as fabrication of spare parts.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

We have been doing business since 2008. The company has a Competence Certificate for performing activities involving machinery equipment in areas at risk of explosive atmospheres and is currently in the certification process to gain the standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The company and its employees meet all requirements of good manufacturing practices.

At present we employ six people narrowly specialized in mechanical engineering each of whom has many years of experience in the mechanical engineering facility maintenance.

We have a vehicle fleet, machinery and tools to successfully carry out work of high quality.

We have gained considerable experience in repair of all kinds of machinery and tools. We have successfully repaired machinery of all sizes and purposes in the pharmaceutical, food-processing, chemical and other industries and facilities.

The works hodogram is as follows: visiting the site, examination of the machine, defectation, recording the course of machine operation, supply or fabrication of new parts, sandblasting of the parts, anticorrosive protection of the parts, machine trial operation in the workshop, preparing the report on the works performed and parts used, delivery of the machine to the site, machine installation and setting, commissioning.

We are available for:

- Machining

- Sandblasting of machine parts and other, anticorrosive protection

- Special welding

- Repair of the centrifugal, vacuum, gear, mono, piston and other pumps

- Repair of duplicators, reactors, mechanical stuffing boxes, shafts/spindles, fins, reduction gears, sliding bearing

- Repair of reduction gears

- Repair of bunchers

- Repair of conveyors and belt conveyors

- Repair of fans

- Repair of air conditioning chambers

- Repair of cooling towers /EVAPCO, BAC, GEA and other/

- Repair of mechanical stuffing boxes

- Supply of new mechanical stuffing boxes

- Repair of hydraulics

Basic Information

Full company name: TEHNO IMPRESS a limited liability company for the graphic publishing and maintenance of mechanical installations

Short company name: TEHNO IMPRESS Ltd

Registered seat: Kneza Viseslava 2, 10 000 ZAGREB

The company is registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb

Number under which the company is entered in the commercial register: 02400898

OIB: 35778541513

The amount of share capital: 20.000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti

Board members: Martina Španjol

Bank account open with: PBZ d.d., Radnička cesta 50, HR-10000 Zagreb

IBAN: HR7223400091110341734

Services and products


- Machining and fabrication of new machine parts, finishing and improvement of the existing parts, fabrication of gears, pulleys, sprocket wheels ...
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- Repair of centrifugal pumps
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- Repair of vacuum pumps
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- Repair of gear pumps
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- Repair of deepwell pumps

- Repair of other types of pumps, piston pumps, mono-piton pumps

- Repair of reduction gears
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- Repair of bunchers

- Repair of hydraulic generating sets, pumps, cylinders, pistons, etc.
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- Repair-lapping of mechanical stuffing boxes, supply of new stuffing boxes for pumps, reactors, boilers, fermentors, all types of media and all temperatures
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- Repair of cooling towers, air conditioning chambers, turbo blowers, fans

- Repair of plate, tube, glass, graphite and other types of heat exchangers
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- Repair of conveyors


- Supply of gaskets, valves, non-return valves, couplings made of inox, black steel, PTFE
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The companies that have placed their trust in us up to the present:

  • Kvasac
  • Pliva
  • Tapi
  • Franck
  • Jamnica
  • Adria servisi
  • Pik Vrbovec
  • Hospira
  • Tehnokom
  • Tomo Varga
  • Hellea
  • SDI
  • Kraš
  • Cedevita
  • Glazir
  • INA Maziva
  • Karlovačka pivovara


Contact Information


Kneza Višeslava 2

10 000 Zagreb, CROATIA

Mob: +385 (0) 91 29 46 900

Fax: +385 (0)1 46 12 298

E-mail: tehnoimpress@gmail.com